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Sarah Moloney 
Adaptive Division Executive Director
Adaptive Division Executive Director

Sarah Moloney’s academic and professional career embodies service.  She shows what hard work and dedication to one’s dreams can bring.  She’s been busy: Sarah Moloney has earned degrees in Psychology, Science, and Art since 2008 and is currently working toward a B.S. in Kinesiology at University of Maryland at College Park. 

Sarah’s interests are broad.  She is CPR and SCUBA certified and engages in a number of extracurricular activities which are related to her passion of spreading the message of healing with nutrition and fitness to people in her community.  Sarah has been a national bodybuilding competitor in the figure division, a certified personal trainer, a jewelry designer, and a health and wellness advocate for those living with disabilities.  Perhaps Sarah’s biggest passion is Pilates.  She is currently meeting the required hours to earn her Pilates Mat, Reformer, Tower, Chair and Barrel certifications with Balanced Body.

Sarah Moloney definitely knows the meaning of hard work. Sarah’s experience with ADHD, especially with a late in life diagnosis, has led her to help other people with the same condition.  She tutors children with ADHD and serves as a role model for what they can achieve.  The lists of her interests and affiliations are vast which shows Sarah’s, altruism, work ethic, and dedication.

All of her activities and achievements are the result of a life lived with curiosity at the forefront.  It is also a testament to an upbringing steeped in family cohesion and unique experiences.  Sarah Moloney has lived in various parts of the United States. Because of that she has been exposed to many different cultures and ways of life.  Along with diverse experiences comes adversity, and Sarah’s life is no exception.  She has experienced the drive and will to overcome adversity in her own life with the ADHD that she manages and also in her family: Sarah’s grandfather was a polio survivor. 

Sarah Moloney came to her fitness career after working for six years in law enforcement.  Her first experience as a personal trainer has stayed with her throughout her career.  Sarah’s first client was a woman who had suffered an aneurysm.  Sarah’s belief that she had found her true calling solidified while helping her client become stronger.  Sarah has worked with clients for nearly a year using the Pilates method of training and has helped them make great strides in flexibility, strength, and body awareness.  She became proficient with this style of exercise made popular by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s because she wanted to work with adapted athletes and people with learning disabilities. The functional training Pilates utilizes can enhance the lives of those who are injured or living with disabilities. Sarah’s desire is for her clients to have brighter outcomes from the various modalities of healing and fitness. Her passion, creativity and training engages her to take her gift one step further by actively discovering new ways to train these communities.

She brings a fresh mindset to Pilates and fitness industry as a whole.  Sarah’s energy, drive to succeed, and genuine interest in the well-being of others makes her perfectly suited for a career in this field.  As she continues to study Kinesiology and work as a Pilates Instructor, Sarah continues to pursue her personal goals to compete in the figure division of bodybuilding and grow the sport of bodybuilding to include adapted and wheelchair divisions.  She is a role model – a beacon to be modeled after.  She is a Personal Trainer who creates workout plans that can be followed to success.  She is a determined student and practitioner who has increased in her momentum on the road of success.  Everything Sarah has done to date has led up to this moment; she is a force to be reckoned with.

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